The economic recession caused by the Coronavirus outbreak

This is a paper that focuses on the economic recession caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. The paper also requires shedding a light by discussing the given points in the assignment.

The economic recession caused by the Coronavirus outbreak

The economic recession caused by the Coronavirus outbreak is positioned to be the greatest threat to the United States economy since the “great recession” of 2008. Widespread closures of non-essential businesses have caused nearly 17 million individuals to file for unemployment benefits. These circumstances have widespread effects on both the short-term and long-term well-being of the United States economy. In your term paper, you are to shed light on and provide narrative on the following points:

The economic recession caused by the Coronavirus outbreak

a) Firstly, provide a brief discussion of the great recession of 2008. Specifically, you should identify its underlying causes and steps that were taken by policymakers to address its impact on the economy.
b) Secondly, compare the great recession of 2008 with the current recession impacting the economy as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak. Clearly delineate the similarities and differences between the two. Cite relevant statistics.
c) Thirdly, identify how the United States economy has been impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak. Justify your narrative by quoting relevant statistics. How do you feel about this? How does your opinion compare to expert economists?

d) Have firms in your community been impacted financially by the Coronavirus outbreak? Subsequently, have you or your family been financially impact? Provide a brief discussion.
e) Additionally, how long will the economy suffer? What do experts believe will happen? How does your opinion compare?
f) Then, summarize all of your findings with a relevant conclusion.
g) Lastly, you must use APA format for citations. In addition, you must have a list of references on a separate page in APA format. A minimum of (5) references. Your references must be reliable newspapers or academic journal articles. This paper must be a minimum of 5 double-space pages. You shall use Times New Roman font in 12 characters per inch and your margins shall be 1 inch on all sides. You must submit your paper through Blackboard. Submissions will be verified for plagiarism.

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