The external forces which influence consumer behaviour

This is a paper that focuses on the external forces which influence consumer behaviour. The paper also focuses the relation to consumption of fair trade products.

The external forces which influence consumer behaviour

Assessment task details and instructions: (2000 words)

You are required to write an essay in which you demonstrate your understanding of the external forces which influence consumer behaviour (this is the main aspect of your essay) in relation to consumption of fair-trade products.  (this is for you to demonstrate an application of the previous part).

Therefore, the assignment is about consumption and how Socio-cultural, economic, political-legal, technological and environmental factors affect it (see guidelines below). If you think back about how consumer buy and  information about external forces and, specifically on culture, you can identify important issues for discussion.

Please, do not focus on companies because you will derail from the aim of your work. You are required to explain the above concepts using pertinent literature and appropriate examples in
relation to how they influence the B2C decision making process. You can use either a range of examples of consumption of different fair-trade products or focusing on one type of product.  (E.g. Bananas, Cocoa, Coffee, Flowers, Sugar, Tea, Cotton, etc) < you can choose one type or different types of products.
Fair trade products should be used as examples to support your discussion.
What are the characteristics of fair-trade products? What is fair trade? Give examples.

Find out about who are the consumers of fair-trade products, and the potential consumers. If we talk about economic forces, for example, which economic issues impact on consumers buying fair-trade chocolate bar coming from Ghana which make him/her buy a Tesco chocolate bar? Do consumers have a cultural mind sets predisposing them to buy fair-trade chocolate? Can all of them afford it even if they find it right?

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