The fraud protection measures and recommendations for Doha Carpets

This is an assignment that focuses on the fraud protection measures and recommendations for Doha Carpets.The paper also investigates the training of new software.

The fraud protection measures and recommendations for Doha Carpets

NOTE: • This is an individual assignment. • Any copying, sharing, plagiarizing of content will result in a grade of 0. • Please review the marking rubric on pages 2-4. • This assignment is worth 15% of the final grade. •Doha Gold Doha Gold is a successful and fast growing high end jewelry retail chain in the Middle East. Recently, several smaller shops and boutiques were acquired to expand its operations. The new company is much larger than the original company and it has outgrown its accounting software. The original accounting system was a package from Peachtree Software, which initially ran on a stand-alone PC and later on a network. Now, the firm is preparing to install a powerful, scalable accounting package that can support the company’s current and future operations. You have been hired to implement the new system.

Tasks 1. Firstly, what types of fraud protection measures would you recommend for Doha Carpets? Explain each recommendation. 2. Secondly, who should receive training on the new software, and what topics should the training cover? 3. Thirdly, what changeover strategy would you suggest for the new accounting system? Also, explain your answer. 4. The owner of Doha Gold does not believe it is necessary to perform testing of the new software. Explain testing and also why it is important to systems development. What types of tests would you recommend be complete for this project?

The paper should be at least three pages long exclusive of the reference and the cover page. Subsequently, ensure that you include all the references from the sources that you are to use in the assignment. Lastly, use the APA format and style in writing and citing.

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