The FTSE 100 company share price discussion assignment

This is a paper that focuses on the FTSE 100 company share price discussion assignment. The paper also provides information to follow in writing the report.

The FTSE 100 company share price discussion assignment

The rationale for this coursework is to allow you to show that you can collect raw data from a variety of sources, analyse those data to provide meaningful information, link that information with other relevant sources and integrate various software packages to produce a professional looking report.

You will be allocated a FTSE 100 (London Stock Exchange top 100) company whose share price you will track over the course of the year.  You should choose a related or competitor company that you will also track.  The data you choose to collect about these companies will be entirely up to you, although there are certain information criteria (see below) that you must address.  You may collect any data that you deem relevant and discuss these in the workshops.

You may share ideas with anyone you choose but your final submission MUST be your own work.

The FTSE 100 company share price discussion assignment

There should be a section giving a short introduction to your company and its sector.
The report will detail how and from where your data were collected, what you did in terms of analysis and what techniques you used in order to integrate them into your report.
You should make an evaluation of the information (and its sources) that you have gathered.
You should explain how and why you have conducted your analysis.  The more you explain ‘why’ you have done what you have done, and justify your actions, the better.
You should comment on the share price of your company over the course of the data collection and relate this to its overall business performance, its competitors and the economy as a whole.

o   You should include as many charts/graphs as you deem necessary.  These must be adequately titled and labelled.
Your data may be included but only as an appendix.
You should include at least one instance of all of the following in your discussion: fraction, percentage, ratio, average (of your choosing) and approximation.
Your report to have a minimum 2000 words long.
You may structure the report in any way that makes sense to you and the reader.

Your mark will depend upon:
Firstly, how well you have addressed the main requirements
Secondly, the quality of the information contained in your report
Thirdly, the structure and presentation of your report
Your use of English (sentence structure, grammar, spelling etc.)
Your use of references
How much improvement you have made on each of the milestone submissions

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