The Global Cultural Business Analysis questions assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the Global Cultural Business Analysis questions assignment. The paper also focuses on answering of research queries to provide a framework analysis.

The Global Cultural Business Analysis questions assignment

GBCA Outline Example: Introduction

Seriously relevant graduate school research requires a question for which no ready answer is available.
The research is conducted, to answer specific questions regarding a topic, problem, or issue for which the answers are not yet known.  Let’s focus on the concept of a topic.  What do you want to know about a topic? Asking a topic as a question (or series of related questions) has several advantages:

Questions require answers. A topic is hard to cover completely because it typically encompasses too many related issues; but a question has an answer, even if it is ambiguous or controversial.

Questions give you a way of evaluating the evidence. A clearly stated question helps you decide which information will be useful. A broad topic may tempt you to stash away information that may be helpful, but you’re not sure how. A question also makes it easier to know when you have enough information to stop your research and draft an answer.

A clear open-ended question calls for real research and thinking. Asking a question with no direct answer makes research and writing more meaningful to both you and your audience. Assuming that your research may solve significant problems or expand the knowledge base of a discipline involves you in more meaningful activity of community and scholarship.

The Global Cultural Business Analysis questions assignment

Your topic is a Global Cultural Business Analysis of the nation you selected.
You have been provided four specific research questions to guide you in the study of this topic which, if done well, will demonstrate you have attained an advanced measure of expertise in the topic.  The
research questions also provide the framework of your analysis.
1. Firstly, question 1 requires you to discuss the general elements of culture (described in Chapter 2 of your textbook) as they apply to your chosen nation.

2. Secondly, question 2 is a natural extension of Question 1 in that you will demonstrate how these elements of culture are in business dealings by the people of your nation.

3. Thirdly, question 3 is a natural extension of Question 2 in that you will compare and contrast these specific findings with business cultural elements found in the USA.  Here is where you use the models for understanding cultures (Hofstede, etc).

4. Fourthly, question 4 is where you briefly summarize your research findings and is the place where you draw substantive conclusions and report the implications of your research for doing business in that nation.  Questions 1 through 3 “set the stage” for Question 4.

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