The Health Economics to apply economic thinking assignment

This is a paper that is focusing on the Health Economics to apply economic thinking assignment. The paper also provides further instructions to answer in the assignment paper.

The Health Economics to apply economic thinking assignment

Health Economics – MMB725020
In response to the following questions you are to apply ‘economic thinking’ and you should demonstrate appropriate use of the lecture and reading materials.
Approximate word limits are indicative and points will not be deduct if your answers deviate from these guidelines.
Please answer questions 1-5. Note that some questions may have multiple parts. Answer ALL questions.

Question 1 (Total 25 marks)

I.            Firstly, briefly describe the conditions which must be met for a market to be in equilibrium. (300 Words) 8 marks

II.            Secondly, in a market for health that does not meet the conditions for equilibrium it leads to a market for health insurance. Describe adverse selection in the context of a health insurance market. (300 Words) 8 marks

III.            Thirdly, what are the advantages of the Beveridge model of health care? (200 Words) 5 marks

IV.            Fourthly, what is one advantage and one disadvantage of the “Fee For Service” system to pay doctors? (150 Words) 4 marks

Question 2 (Total 20 Marks)

From an economic evaluation of cervical screening strategies the following information on the total cost and total benefits has been found for both the current screening programme and an expanded screening programme.

Choose a perspective for this economic evaluation and briefly justify your answer. (150 Words) 4 Marks
I.            Firstly, what figures are missing from the table (indicated by A-F) in;
(Please show your calculations)

II.            Secondly, based on what information from the Table would you make a recommendation to NICE about the screening programmes? Explain your reasoning behind your answer. (150 words) 4 Marks

III.            Thirdly, in economic evaluation, costs and benefits are discounted. What are the reasons for discounting and what are the implications of discounting on funding decisions? (250 words) 6 Marks

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