The HIPAA and appropriate social media use in health care

This is a paper that is focusing on the HIPAA and appropriate social media use in health care. The paper also provides a scenario case study to use in writing the assignment paper.

The HIPAA and appropriate social media use in health care

Write 2-page interprofessional staff update on HIPAA and appropriate social media use in health care. Double spaced typed in APA format. Font Times New Roman, 12 point. Please cite on a separate reference page using 1 medical journal, 1 peer-reviewed and 1 non-peer-reviewed in-text citations and references.
Scenario: You are a nurse in an acute care, community, school, nursing home, or other health care setting. Before your shift begins, you scroll through Facebook and notice that a coworker has posted a photo of herself and a patient on Facebook. The post states, “I am so happy Jane is feeling better. She is
just the best patient I’ve ever had, and I am excited that she is on the road to recovery.”

You have recently completed your annual continuing education requirements at work and realize this is a breach of your organization’s social media policy.
Your organization requires employees to immediately report such breaches to the privacy officer to ensure the post is removed immediately and that the nurse
responsible receives appropriate corrective action. You follow appropriate organizational protocols and report the breach to the privacy officer. The privacy officer takes swift action to remove the post. Due to the severity of the breach, the organization terminates the nurse.

Key points you must include:

Firstly, provides a comprehensive and insightful summary of confidentially laws related to protecting sensitive electronic health information that govern the
interdisciplinary team.

Secondly, explains in detail, and with professional insight, the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration to safeguard sensitive electronic health information.
Thirdly, identifies multiple appropriate and well-researched evidence-based approaches to mitigate risks to patients and health care staff related to sensitive electronic health information
Fourthly, develops a comprehensive, professional, and effective staff update that educates interprofessional team members with flawless exposition about protecting the security, privacy, and confidentiality of patient data, particularly as it pertains to social media usage.

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