The identification of healthcare laws or statues on ethics

This is an assignment that focuses on the identification of healthcare laws or statues. The paper also applies the ethical understanding to specific situations.

The identification of healthcare laws or statues

Identify healthcare laws or statutes
P‌‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‍‍‌‌‌‍urpose: The purpose of this assignment is to objectively identify healthcare laws or statutes and also apply your ethical understanding to specific situations that are depicted in the film. Grading: Your grade will depend on your ability to: Identify appropriate healthcare laws or statutes (legal rights); Objectively evaluate the ethical issues presented in the film; Indicate HIPAA violations noted in this film; Clearly and also concisely communicate your reflections about the film by answering each question in a professional style with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and accuracy of details.

Use of APA format for the paper is also required. Instructions: Please choose 1 film from the list below to view. The links will show a trailer for each film. Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services may have these available in full-length. Bloodwork (Links to an external site.) My Sister’s Keeper (Links to an external site.) First do no Harm (Links to an external site.) John Q (Links to an external site.) The Rainmaker (Links to an external site.)

The identification of healthcare laws or statues

After watching the film, write a 3 page paper examining the legal (healthcare laws), ethical, and HIPAA violations/issues noted in the film. You will also include your reflections. After viewing the entire film, respond to the following questions below. Focus on the facts. Objectively apply your ethical and legal knowledge when completing this assignment. Utilize your available resources (Text, PowerPoint presentation, etc.) as well as your knowledge from class to help you gain additional understanding about the complex ethical issues surrounding this film.

Lastly, be certain to include these resources or any others used, in your references for the paper. Describe your immediate feelings about the film. Are you comfortable with the ending? Why? Identify the ethical issues for at least one of the main characters of the film. Identify the legal rights for at least one main character of the film. Give specific examples of HIPAA violations in this film that relate to current readings and resources.


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