The knowledge and understanding of key marketing themes

This is a paper that is focusing on the knowledge and understanding of key marketing themes. The paper also provides further instructions on the learning outcomes of the paper.

The knowledge and understanding of key marketing themes

Firstly, you must apply your knowledge and understanding of key marketing themes covered in the module to examine the Healthcare Sector and discuss the most critical and salient issues in the form of an academic essay.

The Healthcare Sector and Healthcare Systems face significant challenges and changes. ‘Across the developed world, health systems must adapt to aging populations, changing patient needs, and advances in technology that could both reduce costs and revolutionize clinical care.’ (Dash, Singhal & London / McKinsey, 2019)

Secondly, to underpin your discussion, you must APPLY selected academic topics, concepts and theory covered – note you must determine which topics are the most, critically important and focus on these in your discussion.

Thirdly, you must use and refer to appropriate academic articles to examine the most prominent critical and emerging themes affecting this sector.

Fourthly, to support your discussion, you are required to undertake secondary research into the Healthcare sector using and sourcing appropriate and credible secondary sources (non-academic), e.g. FT, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, McKinsey Quarterly, etc.
Note – that this is NOT a market analysis of the Healthcare Sector.
Reference your work accordingly using Harvard referencing.

Submit as an essay; the word count is 3,000 words (+/- 10%)
Further details will be in class and on Canvas Assessment section, and assessment guidance and support will be provided in the lecture and seminars.

Learning Outcomes
The following learning outcomes will be tested in this assessment:
K1. Critical understanding of key and emerging themes in marketing theory and practice
K2. Critical understanding of the challenges to marketing practice with regards to key and emerging themes

S3. Application of academic literature to support evaluation
S4. Critical thinking and communication of complex ideas

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