The legalization of recreational marijuana in Idaho discussion

This is an assignment that focuses on the legalization of recreational marijuana in Idaho discussion. The paper also discusses the different legislative aspects relating to the topic.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Idaho discussion

Assignment Objectives: (Scenario) You were recently hired as a policy analyst for a newly elected state senator in Idaho. Because of your college courses in government, you are tasked with providing policy briefs to your new boss. (Background) Idaho is a relatively conservative state, and also your new boss is a longtime Republican from a rural district. Most of her constituents are conservative and some have been contacting her expressing their discomfort over rumors that the state senate was considering a bill to legalize recreational marijuana.

Mainly, their fears are based on the assumption that an increase in crime and other nefarious activities will result if the legislation is approved. Currently, every state that borders Idaho (except Wyoming) has legalized recreational or medicinal marijuana within the past decade. (Issue) The state of Idaho is struggling in many areas including prison overcrowding, inadequate healthcare, diminishing wages and overall quality of life in many rural areas, as well as a lack of overall resources to meet current demands.

The legalization of marijuana in Idaho discussion

Some in the legislature view legalizing recreational marijuana as a method to alleviate the fiscal concerns facing the state, while others see it as an accelerant to the decay in many of their communities. In your policy brief, please address the following: Utilize your knowledge of US federalism and explain to your employer why Idaho does or does not have the authority to determine the outcome of this issue. Provide one argument supporting and also another opposing legalization of recreational marijuana in Idaho. Consider what is beneficial to your employer’s political career for each.

Compare and also contrast how the Obama and Trump administrations each handled state legalization of marijuana. Do you prefer one over the other? What is your overall recommendation to your boss? Do you support or oppose legalized recreational marijuana for Idaho? Potential Resources: Cole, James M. (2013). Memorandum for all United States Attorneys: guidance regarding marijuana enforcement. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the Deputy Attorney General. Retrieved from

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