The main differences between the formal and informal economy

This is a paper that focuses on the main differences between the formal and informal economy. The paper also discusses the measurement of the unemployment in the United States.

The main differences between the formal and informal economy

SOC1000 Unit 8 AS: Population, Urbanization, Environment, Social Change
Answer the following questions and then submit the completed document.

Chapters 15 & 16 (Work, Consumption, and the Economy and Health and Medicine) Essay Questions
1.      Firstly, describe the main differences between the formal and informal economy.  What are the similarities? Additionally, what sociological factors explain the existence of the informal economy in the United States?

2.      Secondly, how is unemployment in the United States measured? What are the benefits and disadvantages of this method of measurement?

3.      Thirdly, apply the functionalist and conflict perspectives to cigarettes, smoking, and junk foods (such as soda, candy, and fast foods).  Describe the sociological perspective of these topics based on these theories.

4.      Fourthly, how is HIV/AIDS both a sociological and medical issue?  What are the key sociological sources of the spread of this disease in communities and countries?

5.      Lastly, describe the sick role as defined by sociologist Erving Goffman.  In contemporary U.S. society, what are our expectations of the ill? Also, do the responsibilities of the sick role differ by culture or community?

The main differences between the formal and informal economy

How to earn a top score?
This is the writing assignment with essay questions and is worth a total of 95 points. Students are required to provide substantive responses to each essay question. By substantive responses, it means:
1.      Firstly, cover all key elements of each essay question
2.      Secondly, give enough information about the topic
3.      Thirdly, apply the chapter concepts and theories to real-life situations
4.      Fourthly, seek out additional resources to gain a better insight of the topic
5.      Bring in examples and experiences to illustrate the point
6.      Cite at least two references per essay question
7.      Acceptable length: write a minimum of 3 pages.

Formatting Requirements Use one-inch margins
Use 1 12-point Times New Roman font
Use double-line spacing in the document
Cite all sources in APA (American Psychological Association)

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