The nature of conflict in early modern Europe discussion

This is a paper that focuses on the nature of conflict in early modern Europe discussion. The paper also focuses on what the main focus of the essay is for the student.

The nature of conflict in early modern Europe discussion

Discuss the nature of conflict in early modern Europe.
o   The question is asking:
Firstly, what forms did conflict take
Secondly, who was involved?
Thirdly, what were the causes (economic, religious, social or political – perhaps a combination?)
Fourthly, what methods did they use (Was it violent conflict or something more subtle)?
What were the outcomes
·         Define how you are going to be using/defining the word conflict?
o   Outright violent conflict, or something more subtle as well (Gender conflict and rituals as a pressure valve to prevent escalation etc)
o   The way in which you frame the term conflict in the introduction should be supportive by the examples throughout the essay.

The nature of conflict in early modern Europe discussion

The question requires that you analyse what we mean by the term conflict and the ways in which this was experience during the early modern period
Particular focus could be given to a certain type of conflict
E.g. Religious conflict / economic / political
HOWEVER you must at least make reference to several forms that conflict took in order to show the different types
If Particular focus on one type of conflict
Outline what the different causes/methods were, but then explain why the particular focus of this essay will look in depth at a particular type of conflict

o   The essay MUST BE ANALYTICAL AND ARGUMENTATIVE – you cannot simply describe the events of a particular conflict.
o   You must EXPLAIN what the causes were (why did it arise). What methods were use (Why these particular methods over others). Also, what were the outcomes (Did one particular type of conflict lead to better outcome for ordinary people as comparing to another – e.g. economic protests relating to food shortages had better outcomes for ordinary people when compared to political revolts for example) EXPLAIN WHY THESE DIFFERENT OUTCOMES (threat to established heirarchies etc)

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