The Problem Solving for Complex System using SMART

This is a paper that focuses on the Problem Solving for Complex System using SMART. The paper also provides further instructions on how to write the assignment paper.

The Problem Solving for Complex System using SMART

SMART: Problem Solving for Complex System
Assignment 1 – Individual Essay: First Sit
The media often reports on a range of grand challenges that are complex nature and having significant social, political, environmental and economic effects. Such grand challenges include, you can choose a
different one:
poverty and inequality
climate change
drug trafficking
modern slavery
forced immigration
prejudice and intolerance
child exploitation

Your task: Write an essay (2250 words excluding tables, figures and appendices) in which you analyze one of the grand challenge from the above list and explain how it might be addressed with a critical systems approach. In your essay you should:
1. Firstly, choose a social problem.
2. Secondly, introduce the problem, present some general descriptive statistics about why it is a problem, how many people are affected, etc.
3. Thirdly, create a causal-loop diagram (minimum 20 variables): this is a hand-written diagram, you do not need to use any software. Create a model similar to the example I create below about poverty, of course, the model will be about the social problem of you have selected.

4. Fourthly, based on what the causal-loop diagram you created explain, using your own words how the problem is structure. Imagine you are explaining to a non-academic audience.
5. Also, based on your analysis, identify a number of “remedial” measures, in order to deal with the problem. However, as a decision-maker, you might not have resources (time, money, human resources) to put all those measures in place, so you need to pick your fight wisely, be efficient. Then what will you do, what actions will you suggest to improve the situation.
5. Additionally, explain how the preferred course(s) of action will be.
6. 7. Present a general conclusion.

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