The role of labour consumption and technology in globalization

This is a paper that is focusing on the role of labour consumption and technology in globalization. The paper also focuses on the structure of the essay to follow in writing the paper.

The role of labour consumption and technology in globalization

Support for CW3 (second individual essay)
Based on the industry of your choice consider the role of labour, consumption and technology in the process of globalization

Aim of the essay
In your essay you should consider only one industry, e.g.: extractive, agro-food, clothing or automobile (covered by lectures). You can also focus on other industries, if you are finding them interesting, e.g.: electronics, finance or logistics.
Each industry is made of transnational corporations; these want to globalize – to be present on the global market. The main task of this essay is to examine the factors which are contributing to the globalization of the industry:
labour or workforce,
consumption and

Structure of the essay
Introduction: Firstly, you should briefly outline the chosen industry with its main characteristics (this could the main features of the production circuit, the size of companies, role of the state or the
chosen industry’s importance for the global economy).

Analysis (main body): Secondly, you should explore the challenges, but also opportunities, posed by these factors. In other words, to what extent technology, labour and consumption can help (or hinder)
certain industries going global. There will be, of course, different level of emphasis on labour, consumption and technology in different industries. It is also very important to recognise whether
the industry is more capital or labour intensive. In your analysis you can use examples or cases of companies.

Lastly, restate your focus by emphasising on the key points, drawing together the threads of your work. Try to evaluate the overall impact of labour, consumption and technology on the globalization of your chosen industry.

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