The scrutiny of issues on a Occupational Psychology case study

This is a paper that focuses on the scrutiny of issues on a Occupational Psychology case study. The [a[er also requires demonstration from the built knowledge and understanding.

The scrutiny of issues on a Occupational Psychology case study

Case Study Questions

As part of the expert Occupational Psychology team carrying out consultancy work, you have been appointed to scrutinise the issues in the case study and to make recommendations to resolve them. You should therefore include:

Firstly, consider what poor management practices are highlighted in the case study that might give rise to the feelings of overwhelming stress experienced by the workers.
Secondly, recommendations on how you would approach radical change in the organisation in the case study in order to help protect workers and to repair the harmful work culture.
Thirdly, why you have rejected alternative recommendations
Also, refer to the psychological literature.
Additionally, demonstrate consultancy skills by referring to the consultancy cycle
Incorporate a change model

The scrutiny of issues on a Occupational Psychology case study

You will need to demonstrate how you have built on your knowledge, understanding and critique of key areas that make up the following module learning outcomes:

1.    Use tools and techniques from the discipline of psychology as they impact on work behaviour.
2.    Critically evaluate psychological research undertaken in work organisations and work behaviour.
3.    Understand a range of psychological theories and approaches that have been apply to the study of work organisations and work behaviour within the context of HR.
4.    Use a range of established techniques to initiate and undertake critical analysis of information and assess its validity adopt multiple perspectives to identify key elements of real-life problems and select appropriate methods/tools for their resolution.
5.    Review current research taking into account issues of reliability and validity.

Through feedback from the essay writing assignment, formative feedback in seminars, workshops, blended learning, guided independent study and tutorials. You will need to demonstrate your progression by way of integration of the topics.
Demonstration of critical analysis of psychological theories relevant to the topic from a wide range of sources will be necessary. Analysis should demonstrate depth and quality and the ability to synthesise and also critique literature in relation to wider issues of Work Psychology. Content should be clearly related to the question and include definitions of key concepts. Lines of argument should be clear with research/material attributing to relevant authors. You should demonstrate translation of theoretical concepts into practical applications and recommendations.

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