The social work with veterans in relation to PTSD aspects

This is a paper that focuses on the social work with veterans in relation to PTSD aspects. The paper requires understanding of the environment and also strengths of this individuals.

The social work with veterans in relation to PTSD aspects

The student will write an 8–10-page. This is including title page, abstract, and reference page. It is a research-based paper in current APA format. It focuses on social work with military, veterans, or their families in one of the following areas:. Deployments, Trauma, Substance Abuse, Suicide, Traumatic Brain Injury, Homelessness, or Reintegration. The paper must include at least 10 scholarly references. This can be either text book or journal articles. Additionally, to the course textbook and the Bible.

After selecting a topic, the student will evaluate this topic with a focus on:

Firstly, understanding the person in the environment. Secondly, assessing an individual’s strengths and needs in these circumstances. Thirdly, preparing to work with a military veteran, or military family facing one of these circumstances. The Christian faith must be integrated into this paper. This paper needs to demonstrate an ability to assess the client, including the client in the environment, and develop a strong conceptualization of the client. A client conceptualization is simply how you view that client, considering all of the information that is available at that time.

Along with client conceptualization, the paper must include how you (the social worker) would prepare to work with this family as well as what work could be done. The paper should show that you’ve thoughtfully analyzed the client and determined some ways that you could help as the social worker. Please work to ensure that your approach also addresses potential spiritual needs, as well as an integrated approach that demonstrates how your own faith influences the work. I would prefer the paper be written on PTSD as there are a lot of resources to choose from

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