The solutions to real-life problems for leaders or managers

This is a paper that focuses on the solutions to real-life problems for leaders or managers. The paper also requires preparation of analyses of cases in course requirements.

The solutions to real-life problems for leaders or managers

As future consultants, leaders and managers, you will often be faced with real-life cases or problem situations. You will need to develop strong critical thinking and diagnostic skills, as well as the capacity to craft practical (and often creative) solutions to these problems.
These skills are best honed through practice, both in the classroom and in real life. As part of your course requirements, you will be asked to prepare a number of written analyses of cases (WAC’s). Anderson (2018) in the introduction section of his Cases and Exercises text (pp. xxvii-xxviii) provides a number of useful tips for analyzing case studies.

These tips include:
1.            Firstly, read the entire case first, and resist the temptation to come to early conclusions. Maintain a spirit of inquiry and allow yourself to linger and think deeply about the problem.
2.            Secondly, use charts to map out organizational structures and underline key phrases and issues.
3.            Thirdly, sort through the useful primary information from the unnecessary secondary information. Ask yourself what the client is trying to accomplish, and focus on the core issues and central facts.
4.            Fourthly, prioritize the most pressing issues, and resist the temptation to comment on, or solve, everything.

5.            Also, when you write a response or an analysis, ask yourself whether you have addressed the central questions or issues of the client/case. Also consider if your analysis is professionally writing, clear and well-organized. Ensure that the client will understand how you have reached specific conclusions and why you have made certain recommendations.
6.            Lastly, use and cite specific data to justify your interpretation and bolster your conclusions.

Finally, ensure that you reference all the sources that you use for this assignment using the APA format and guideline.

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