The understanding in corporate governance in organization

This is an assignment that focuses on the understanding in corporate governance in organization. The paper involves answering two sections on the topic.

The understanding in corporate governance in organization


1) Firstly, key theoretical perspectives underlying the remuneration of executive directors in major national or multinational firms; 2) Secondly, the institutional requirements and guidance as to the setting of executive director remuneration for quoted companies in the UK; 3) Thirdly, major issues and controversies arising in respect to executive director remuneration in recent years;

4) also then against this contextual background proceed to outline the nature of executive director remuneration in one major UK listed company, identifying and interpreting changes in the nature of remuneration over the past 10-15 years, how these were communicated to stakeholders, and any specific issues relating to that remuneration and its manner of determination which you consider to be insightful and relevant. Relevant material will be available from a whole variety of sources including lecture and class notes and handouts, books, journal articles, Blackboard, and also wider ranging internet sources.

A1. the role of corporate governance in firms where there is separation of ownership from control; A2. the importance of corporate governance in sustaining competitive advantage. A3. how to think about governance through the identification and analysis of the firm’s business model.

B. Subject Specific Intellectual and Research Skills B1. Firstly, assess the role of capital markets in aligning the interests of managers with those of owners; B2. Secondly, understand the relationship between strategy and the role of board structures in corporate governance; B3. Thirdly, evaluate how executive compensation arrangements align the interests of managers with those of owners C. Transferable and Generic Skills C1. Communicate complex ideas and also arguments fluently and effectively; C2. Critically evaluate qualitative and quantitative information.

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