The understanding of major Social Psychology ideas and concepts

This is a paper that is focusing on the understanding of major Social Psychology ideas and concepts. The paper also provides further questions and guidelines in doing the assignment.

The understanding of major Social Psychology ideas and concepts

What is a portfolio—This portfolio is collection of examples and short explanations to illustrate your understanding of major Social Psychology ideas and concepts. Your portfolio may be virtual or hard copy. I want you to show your understanding using your own best strategies and practices.

Choose 10 questions below to include in your portfolio. Your portfolio should show your understanding by explaining (not copying from the book) in your own words, any key concepts; provide digital, visual, or other examples to show your understanding; and apply the concept as specified by the topic.

The understanding of major Social Psychology ideas and concepts

1. Firstly, explain the key terms when defining social psychology as the scientific discipline that attempts to understand and explain how the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of individuals are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others.

2. Secondly, describe the scientific techniques used when forming and testing hypothesis, conducting correlational, and experimental research designs in social psychology.

3. Thirdly, discuss the development of the self, including the nature of the self, the self as a social being, and contemporary self-theories.

4. Fourthly, discuss the presentation of self and social interaction as “theater”, including the influence of culture and personality.

5. Also, identify how humans organize and make sense of social information.

6. Additionally, differentiate attitudes, both positive and negative, and how values shape attitudes and behavior.

7. Recognize prejudice and discrimination and the influence of stereotyping.

8. Differentiate types of social influence including conformity, compliance and obedience.

9. Explain theories of Aggression and identify factors that influence aggression and solutions for reducing aggression.

10. Describe factors that lead to friendship and attraction and also differentiate between passionate love and companionate love.

11. Identify factors that enables close relationships as well as the factors that could lead to the termination of a relationship.

12. Lastly, recognize the factors involved in the application of Social Psychology with focus on its applicability in the legal system

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