Thermodynamics Lab

The instructor gave two sets of instructions, one which I copy and pasted below and one copy of the outline and rubric for the assignment. Additional information about the lab and the data I tested are attached in the document labeled “Thermodynamics Lab”. I also attached a copy image of the scatter plot that needs to be included in the ‘Results” section of the assingment. Feel free to reach out about any questions that you might have! Thank you so much.



Abstract: The abstract is more a TLDR version of your report rather than an introduction to the introduction.

Briefly state the objective(s) of the experiment, summarize the general design of the experiment (not a step-by-step procedure,- big picture/broad strokes), and the key results.

Introduction: Discuss relationships between Gibbs free energy, enthalpy and entropy. Describe how temperature affects the ΔG, spontaneity, and K for a an equilibrium reaction.

Describe the design of the experiment. Do not give a step-by-step procedure – I neither require nor want a methods section. Show me your understanding of why you did it, without getting bogged down in details of what you did. What quantities were measured, what are the variables, and how the measurements are used to achieve the objectives.

Provide relevant equations, where appropriate.

Results: Include the tables from the Data Analysis section and your graph of ΔG vs. T. Be sure to label axes and include units (T should be in Kelvin).

Discussion: No “accepted” values are given for this experiment, so you do not have to account for error.

You should address any discussion questions in the handout and any discuss any other insights gleaned from the results.

For example, highlighting key results is great (e.g. the sign of ΔH and what effect changing temperature had on the equilibrium). The goal here is to extract meaning and give context to the results rather than simply listing them.

Conclusion: Briefly assess the effectiveness of the experiment. Were the objectives achieved? Why or why not? Suggest ways to improve the results or the design of the experiment.

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