Topic: Prescription(s)

Topic: Prescription(s)

You will choose one (1) idea/topic regarding prescription(s) from Module 9 (Week 3)

Possible ideas, but not limited to are: (if your topic is not on the list, please discuss and get approval from your instructor)

  • State laws for prescription writing
  • Creating and Assigning Payment Plans/ tier groups
  • Benefits of Electronic transmissions for prescription writing
  • Prescription drugs have had a profound influence on society, as a whole 
  • Prescription drugs have had a profound influence on the economy,
  • Prescription drugs have had a profound influence on and families and children. 
  • Drugs affecting crime rates on local, state and national levels.
  • Specific type of drug or class of drugs/ category of drugs,i.e. narcotics, hallucinogens, prescription painkillers
  • You can focus on the chemical composition of drugs 
  • Effects of these drugs on the body (short term/long term)
  • Repercussions of long-term use and or costs. 
  • Current War on Drugs opioids


  • Cover page ( Name of disease, date, class, your name)
  • Time New Roman font
  • 12 pt
  • Double spaced
  • Follow APA Style and utilize the APA_SAMPLE FORMAT.doc download
  • Must have at least six paragraphs of five sentences each.
  • Upload file

TURNITIN submission: Make sure to review your assignment before submission. TURNITIN evaluates your work for any plagiarism, and any uploads that are 20% or higher will not be graded must be resubmitted. Pay attention to the TURNITIN color code it gives your assignment.

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