Translating Your Dissertation to a Journal Article

Create a bulleted outline of a proposed article to present your dissertation research.

Note: If you still have sections that you’re finishing up, just envision what that section might look like and include it in your bullets.

Use a journal you discussed this week in Discussion 1 – Showcasing Your Research as guidance for formatting the article headings in your outline.

Reference the table below comparing the scope of a dissertation with that of an article, as well as this week’s assigned readings, for guidance.

For the article.

Chopra, N., Pereira, C., Prata, A., Lamba, W., & Sockalingam, S. (2021). Building Substance Use Disorder Management Capacity During COVID-19: Outcomes From a Tele-mentoring Program for Community-based Healthcare Professionals. Canadian Journal of Addiction12(2), 19-23.

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