Trends in Cyber Security

Your research paper should accomplish two objectives:

  • Identify the three top trends in the cybersecurity industry and your rationale, based on the resources you have found, for your choices.
  • Discuss the issue within one of the trends that you deem important, based on the current state of the industry, and will be supported by your analysis of facts and a well-reasoned conclusion of what it means to the industry.

Your paper will be five to seven pages, not including your cover page and References page(s), double-spaced and set up in APA standard formatting. It does not require an abstract.

Your paper should be organized will the following pattern:


Paper Title    (Do not use Project 2 as the title)

1. Introduction

2. Findings

2.1 3 Top Trends of the Cybersecurity Industry

2.2 An Important Emerging Issue in a trend

3. Conclusion

References (note, there is no section # for References)

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