Understanding of a criminological issue key research question

This is a paper that focuses on the understanding of a criminological issue key research question. The paper also requires writing of a literature review with instructions accompanying it.

Understanding of a criminological issue key research question

Writing Project: Research Paper
You will need to write a research paper. Addressing a key research question that furthers our understanding of a criminological issue. (either theoretical or policy relevant).  Each research proposal should avoid purely descriptive. (e.g., characteristics of homicide offenders) or exploratory (e.g., how do police officers differentiate risk in suspects during arrest) designs.  Also, a solid research project would be one that addresses some gap in the literature by testing the relationship between independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s).
The research paper will completed in two parts:  literature review and a research proposal
Part I:  Literature Review

A literature review is an original work based on a critical examination of the literature on a topic.  It summarizes and analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of research on a particular research question/topic area.  You will need to collect, read, and interpret each individual research article.  You will then create a synthesis that integrates and restates the research in such a way to create a new original written work. It should demonstrates to the reader the specific area that your research project will be contributing to our how it will build upon existing research.

Please not that a literature review is NOT an annotated bibliography where you briefly summarize each article you have read.  While it will contain summaries of what you have read, it goes well beyond a simple summary to include a critical analysis of the relationship among the different works and relates this research to your study.

For this part of the assignment, you will need to complete a literature review for your research paper.  You will need to locate at least 12 journal articles on your topic and write a 5-6 page literature review on the current state of research on your selected topic.

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