Understanding of lighting controls and how luminaire design controls light

This is a paper that is focusing on the understanding of lighting controls and how luminaire design controls light. The paper also provides the assignment specifics for writing the paper.

Understanding of lighting controls and how luminaire design controls light

This project is based on IES – The Lighting Handbook, 10th and the attachment presentation. you will complete a light design specification for a residential project. The successful project will incorporate theories, regulations, and codes from our textbook, lectures, and projects.
I hope this project will help you develop an understanding of lighting controls and how luminaire design controls light to support the required tasks while enhancing the interior environment. Upon successful completion of this project students will be expected to:
Firstly, incorporate in their design communications, working knowledge of the terminology used in the field, the measurement, and control of light;
Secondly, assess the constraints of certain lighting sources and their effects on color rendition and other energy-related issues;
Thirdly, be capable of evaluating an existing lighting installation as to whether it is achieving the goals of a successful design response;

Assignment Specifics

Students will create a complete lighting design specification package for a residential interior environment.
• Project Brief (typed) –
o Brief client profile that includes the age range and lighting needs of the individual.
o Lighting needs analysis – briefly describe the types of spaces and also range of illumination needs (illumination levels, controls, color temperature, energy requirements, etc.) You may create a program if
you find it helpful but this can also be submitted in narrative form.
o Length: 2-3 pages.
• Light Fixture Specifications – select and also include manufacturer cut sheets for three (3) fixtures in this project. The cut sheets should indicate the following items which should support the needs identified in the project brief:
Length: 1 PDF per fixture.
lumen output
color temperature

• Building Control/Smart Home Brief – You have no budget.
Incorporate as many control systems that are appropriate for your project and your client’s needs. Focus on simplicity of use whenever possible.
Control Protocol selection and rationale
List of all control devices used throughout the project.
Space by space analysis for at least two (2) spaces in your project.
Length: 1 page per space.
Desired Scene Controls (at least two with indication of which devices are controlled)
Also, desired Automated Controls
Desired Fixed Controls in space (wall-mounted switches, fixtures, etc)

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