Chapter 8

  1. Identify factors that affect psychological health and discuss positive steps you can take to enhance psychological well-being
  1. Describe psychological disorders such as mood disorders, anxiety, depression, etc. and explain causes and treatments
  1. Identify societal and personal factors that contribute to violence in American Society and personal and community strategies to lower 
  1. Identify symptoms of addiction, its impact on family, and treatment and recovery options
  1. Identify the six categories of drugs and distinguish between misuse and drug abuse
  1. Explain the health risks and effects of alcohol consumption, and treatment options
  1. Describe the health risks and physical impact associated with using tobacco products, the dangers associated with environmental tobacco smoke, public policies and benefits of smoking cessation
  1. Review cardiovascular disease, it’s prevalence, risk factors, prevention and treatment
  1. Define cancer and identify common causes and risk factors as well as screening and treatment
  1. Explain how your immune system works to protect you, discuss common pathogens, explain major infectious diseases and identify prevention and treatment options
  1. Identify and describe a variety of chronic disease, symptoms and treatments
  1. Discuss the importance of environmental health issues, sources of pollution, and strategies for reduction

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