US History

Covers the course from the 1920s to present day

However, rather than regurgitate facts, I want you to write an essay about what you have learned. Using MINIMUM 500 words (about two pages) you will answer the following prompt: 
What is the most interesting and/or surprising thing you have learned about United States history from 1865-1920? This could be an item you have just learned about, or an item you had some familiarity about but learned more, or just discuss the favorite thing we have gone over up to this point.

As mentioned above, you must write 2 full pages/500 words minimum. Anything less and you will get docked points. When typing out on word document, use 12-point sized New York, Calibri, or Arial font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins. You must cite from the readings and/or lecture, using footnotes or parenthetical, either is fine, but I want at least three references to the course material. Essay needs a basic thesis in the introductory paragraph that addresses what will be discussed in the essay. Use full sentences and full paragraphs. You have over one full week to work on this, so please email me with any questions or concerns early. 

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