Video Assignment: Advocating for Change

Hello, this is a big assignment. This assignment mentions using my voice over on the powerpoint. I just need for you to do the assignment and I will record my voice over. If you would like to provide notes for each slide it’s up to you. It will be helpful but it is not required. Thank you!

Assignment 3.  Video Assignment: Advocating for Change
Preparation for the assignment:
Imagine being selected to present an argument how a population is being oppressed by a social institution.  In your argument, you will describe with different examples gathered from research and/or personal experiences or observation, how the population or groups of individuals are being oppressed and how it is impacting human behavior (lack of trust, no longer seek services, loss of faith on providers, etc.)  You will also provide an argument why we need to stop these oppressive acts.  Based on research, what solutions have been explored, researched, and proven to be effective to create a positive change.
You can read off your notes or use voice-over on a PowerPoint presentation.  You can also use Powtoon, Canva, or other doodle apps to create a video.  I have an account for Canva and Powtoon and will share my account if you would like to use these apps to complete your assignment.
As social workers, we are change agents and this assignment will reflect on your ability to understand how to apply advocacy skills to a social issue and the use of theory to inform practice.
You will complete a YouTube video and must make certain it is shareable to view.  The video will be between 4 – 5 minutes at length.  No more than 5 minutes.  You will need to copy the link and upload to BB.  You will attach a bibliography page of the references used for this assignment.
Step 1.  Select a social issue being impacted by a social institution.  For example, Lack of Insurance in the Health Care System, Poverty and Educational System, Being Hispanic and the Criminal Justice System or even COVID-19 and the Political System.
Step 2.  Besides the book, look up articles to research how the social institution oppresses the selected social issue.  You will need 5 scholarly sources.  Go to your library site and search for peer reviewed journal articles or newspaper articles between 2016 – current.  DO NOT USE OLD SOURCES!
Step 3:
  • Introduce yourself and the selected social issue being impacted by the selected social institution.
  • Describe the benefits of the social institution
  • Describe how the social institution begins to oppress a certain population (fails to provide services, don’t explain, or educate on symptoms, etc.)  What does research say about this? Provide real life examples either from personal experience or observation as well.
  • Describe how this impacts human behavior and what perspective maintains this behavior.
  • Advocating for Change – explain reasons, based on research, why these oppressive acts need to stop.  What are some solution research provides?  Describe at least one perspective the help you identify a solution to create social change for the social issue you have chosen.
  • End with an inspiration quote which may help people begin to reflect why change is needed.  Describe why you selected the quote and what you would like to see by this video on Advocating for Change.
Step 4:   Make sure your video is shareable for others to view.  If you can upload the video on BB, please do.   Copy the link and past on BB even if you upload it.

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