W2: Homeland Security/Homeland Defense Organization

Discussion Questions:

Part 1: Describe the key roles and responsibilities of the federal government, the state and local governments, and private industry in what we call Homeland Security.

Part 2: Describe the roles and interactions that you interpret as being necessary to address the inherent conflict of different organizations while maintaining free and open trade with an acceptable level of security.

Do not include quotes in your posting since if you were in a class talking aloud, you likely would not be using direct quotes; instead, as necessary, paraphrase what you need to convey. You need to show me good critical thinking skills and not quotes written by others. Formulating your own thoughts from analyzing new information and studying established work is what we need for successful experts of the future. You must include at least one source per paragraph and thus include it in your reference section as best as you can (hint – not just a URL).


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