Week 1 Individual Assignment – When We Are Challenged

When we face a situation that challenges our own personal view of the world (and how we think it should be), we tend to respond either in a healthy manner (using coping techniques) or we may respond in an unhealthy manner (using resistance techniques). This assignment allows us to take a closer look at our own reactions.

Download the assignment below, READ the instructions carefully, and then answer the two questions according to your own perspective. DO NOT exceed 2 paragraphs for each question. Submit the completed Word document by the due date.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This assignment should NOT focus on some random “bad” thing that has happened to you. Rather, you must present an aspect of your own personal world view (for ex., your strong belief in honesty or your personal perspective regarding family, work ethic, etc.). Then describe a specific event that actually presented a challenge to your personal world view (for ex, someone who went against your personal perspective regarding honesty, or family, or work ethic, etc.). For the first question, describe a specific event where you responded in a healthy manner (using one of the coping techniques). For the second question, describe a specific event where you responded in an unhealthy manner (selecting one from the list provided).

Do not forget to include your name and date on the assignment. It is required. Remember to proofread carefully before submitting. Use the resources below to help you.

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