week 12

1.  you will need to write extended paragraph  with 8 or 9  sentences.  answer the all questions and follow the

instructions as well.
before you do it, you should read the story i attached  and understand very well.  follow the rubric as well

Q: What type of people do you like? Why do you like them? Answer in a paragraph of 7-10 sentences. Your first sentence will answer the question. Your next 6 to 7 sentences will explain things. Your last sentence will summarize the whole paragraph
2. do the Transaction Assignment , it is only 1 attempt ( 2 attempts not allow )
Transaction Activity: The transaction activity is a culmination what you learned in Module 11. Please take the time to read through the instructions, and complete the activity.

 you will be working through the Transaction Activity, based on information you learned in

module 11.

In this activity, you will read through each scenario and complete the necessary transactions. Whether it is checking out a guest or posting a debit transaction, it is up to you to make the necessary changes on the guest’s folio.

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