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Social works are people-oriented, and it involves recognizing the client’s interests before the personal interests. This is further emphasized by the fact that there is a competence value that provides for the required codes of conduct that the social advocates for the different populations should adopt. While studying this course using the coursebook, however, there are concerns about how social workers should be a treat the different diverse and vulnerable groups (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019, p. 400) . For example, it addresses on the issue of helping clients in coping with a loss, in this case, they are assisted by social workers in the management of the grieving process and provide to groups hints on how to deal with future losses (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019, p. 433). More emphasis is, for instance, demonstrated on how to create a supportive base for the elderly. This is done through the organization of specific activities that will go a long way in helping them in one way or the other. From the coursebook, we learn that the best way to create meaningful relationships with the old is by engaging them in active exercise and communication.

These include simple activities such as teaching them strategies to reduce anxiety and stress through breathing in and out, which children and other middle-aged adults can also utilize to deal with emotions (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019, p. 422). These activities also help social workers deal with domestic violence issues among the middle-aged, which are rarely spoken about by the victims, (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019, p. 413) which will help the social worker advocate for their client’s social rights at the mezzo, micro, and macro levels through undertaking of exercise that help the victims of domestic violence to recover (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019, p. 414). In comprehending the process of designing treatment, a social worker may engage his clients on a mirror reflection exercise in which he instructs them to look at themselves in the mirror and come up with positive attributes they might see in them, and this will help them in boosting their self-esteem (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019, p.  411). Generally, from the course, it is clear that the best way to deal with clients is by engaging them in physical activities while learning and assessing their response and behavior.


Reference Zastrow, C. & Hessenauer, S. L. (2019). Social work with groups comprehensive practice and self- care 10th edition: Cengage.

discussion board 6

Prompt: Discuss differences in approach to groups with diverse populations (e.g., children and older adults; Caucasians and Hispanics). List 3 strategies for working with different groups

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