week 7 discussion board reply

week 7 discussion board reply

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This discussion post explains why I came into group projects so leery. I have had group projects in the past in which groups had 2 members. You were supposed to each do a portion of the work or groups in which you were supposed to help critique the others work and give advice. On a few occasions in the past, I have been partnered with nonperforming individuals. It really ruined group projects for me. In one case this past year I had a group assignment in which my partner vanished. We started the beginning few weeks with moderate communication but in the last 2 weeks the student disappeared. I looked in the discussion board even to see if they had posted and stopped seeing posts. I don’t even know if they completed the class. I was so stressed each time I went to our group email to see no responses. I felt lost and angry that these courses and assignments meant so little to them. I had so much stress and unneeded worry about how I would be graded since communication with your partner was a part of the grade. Later in talking with the teacher my assignment was graded on my work alone, but I felt I missed out on a vital aspect of the group experience since I had to complete the final alone.

According to Zastrow, “A few people may feel personally rejected.” (Zastrow & Hessenauer, 2019). I felt personally rejected like maybe I did something wrong. Did I say something? Did I do something? So I came into this course worried that the same could occur and our group may be left not entirely whole. But luckily the group that I worked with in this course seriously restored my faith in working on group projects.

Zastrow, C., & Hessenauer, S. L. (2019). Social work with groups: Comprehensive practice and self-care. Cengage.

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