What are the airports crucial role in today’s society?

This is an assignment that focuses on what are the airports crucial role in today’s society?. The paper also provides a description of the requirements of the assignment.

What are the airports crucial role in today’s society?

“Airports plays a crucial role in today’s society”. That is a hypothesis, for which you shall develop an argument supporting. You must use the following structure:
Firstly, describe the airport’s role in today’s society. Remember to include examples to support statements.
Secondly, explain how airports can be a catalyst to the local and national economies (directly and indirectly).
Thirdly, explain how governments can use airports to achieve their political ambitions and discuss the various mechanisms available.
Fourthly, identify two different locations in the world, where airports play a crucial role in the society.
Then, explain the current situation and describe how the governments supports the society.
Additionally, develop a critical analysis of how the government are supporting the airports – and what are the goals from a political perspective, to keep the airport operating
Lastly, describe the consequences of the society, should the airport no longer be operating.


You should aim to write 2,500 words (not including a contents page, bibliography or referencing). The minimum word count is 2,250 and the maximum is 2,750. The coursework should be in the style of a formal report, such as a consultant writing to the senior management team, and you must structure your work in a logical fashion by using appropriate headings. Also, you must include a list of references to identify your information sources and, if appropriate, a bibliography.

Your work should embrace both theory and practice, and the use of relevant examples and graphs or diagrams is encouraged. It is important that you perform critical analysis and argue your case. Simple statement of fact is not enough to secure good marks! For your work to be considered impressive there should be evidence of additional research and knowledge.
Original thinking is important. Regurgitating material we have discussed in the class is not enough. Finally, make sure that you address the question precisely as worded. Do not stray from the essence of the question at all;
there are no marks for writing an interesting answer that is not relevant.

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