What are the women’s options for period management in US

This is a paper that is focusing on what are the women’s options for period management in US. The paper also provides further information to use in writing the assignment paper.

What are the women’s options for period management in US

Sustainability: Period. The effects of menstrual products on the US solid waste stream and what we should do about it” This writing project is a term research paper for a graduate level solid waste management course. The topic that will be explored is a blend of light environmental engineering as well as sociocultural analysis on the ever present challenge of how to have a safe, inexpensive menses. The outcome of the paper should be to make some sustainable  recommendations for the US that can and should be informed by observations, recommendations and best practices from around the world.

The paper should cover the following general flow and answer the following questions: 1. What are women’s options for period management in the US?-types of menstrual management should be here to include number of uses, duration etc.-A discussion of the ‘pink tax’ and how that can feed ‘period poverty’ even within the US 2. What are they made of? Where do they ‘go’ when we dispose of them?-This should include technical specifications that highlights our waste stream’s inability to ‘deal’ with these -an examination of what companies are producing and why 3. Why is this an issue?-This section should be by the affects that period waste can have on the environment due to what it is made from.

What are the women’s options for period management in US

Facts such as decomposition times, biohazard information etc can be highlight here to show the challenge of handling these products once they enter the waste stream 4. What are the alternatives? What would a side by side comparison look like of solid waste stream impacts?-This section should include other options–reusable cotton pads, cups, cotton tampons -the challenges of these such as stigma, sanitation, accessibility. This should include examples of how other nations are getting after this challenge 5. What should we do about it? -this should be the section where we make recommendations such as abolish the pink or luxzury tax on these products. Make them publicly available, educate, stop lobbyists where the research leads you. Also, should have a ‘scientific slant’ to it as well. This is for a class by an engineer professor so the citation style format is flexible.

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