What health provisions can Urgent Care Hospital provide

This is an assignment that focuses on what health provisions can Urgent Care Hospital provide. The paper also determines the expenditure for the department.

What health provisions can Urgent Care Hospital provide

Urgent Care Hospital has recently received several large grants to modernize and upgrade the care they provide to the community. The hospital has determined to spend some of the money to upgrade the radiology department and has hired you to manage a project to install a new CAT scanner (computerized axial tomography scanner) to provide better care to critical patients.

The new CAT scanner will require a major renovation of the radiology department, which is estimated to take eight weeks. Although the head of the department is eager to have the new machinery, she is not happy about the disruption the construction will cause. The construction renovation cannot begin until after the installation is complete. The four operators who will use the new equipment also need two weeks of training.

The estimated costs are as follows:
Purchase: $1,000,000
Installation: $45,000
Operator training: $16,000
Renovation: $96,000
Since the hospital expects to generate income of $50,000 a month on the new scanner, its managers are anxious to begin using it as soon as possible with the least possible disruption to hospital functions. The head of the radiology department has come to you asking you to reduce the total project time as much as possible. She feels that thirteen weeks is too long of a disruption.

What health provisions can Urgent Care Hospital provide

To accommodate the request, you now need to complete the following tasks:
a.       Firstly, determine what can be done to ‘‘crash the schedule.’’
b.      Secondly, prepare a network diagram and assign calendar dates to each activity.
c.       Thirdly, determine what resources are needed for each activity.
d.     Fourthly, prepare a cash flow report showing the projected expenditures for each week of the project.

General rules for case study analysis and marking:
·         All assignments must represent your own individual efforts. Also, you are ultimately responsible for your own work.
·         If needed, use references (cite and add to reference list).
·         Use Times New Roman size 12 and donot forget to write down your name and ID number.

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