Which of Porter’s generic strategies of competitive advantage 

Which of Porter’s generic strategies of competitive advantage has IKEA most effectively deployed? Explain the strategy and its deployment at IKEA in detail.

Which of Porter’s generic strategies of competitive advantage

5 mini-essay answers (including introduction, body, conclusion for each Question) addressing the IKEA case study questions
1)      Firstly, Read the case study files to answer the following questions.  The case study questions will be released via Moodle.

2)      Secondly, there will be eight (8) questions linked to the IKEA case studies. You will need to answer five (5) questions from these eight (8) questions.

3)      Thirdly, Each question length: 500 words +-10% (this does not include the reference list, but includes in-text citations)

4)      Fourthly, you must make reference to relevant theory in substantive ways to answer each question.

5)      Further, you are only permitted to use the documents provide d as sources of information about IKEA.

6)      Additionally, to identify related theories, you are encouraged to look at the textbook chapters and the lecture notes. You are also encouraged to use relevant academic resources to support your discussion.

7)      Moreover, you are require d to use the Harvard referencing style.

8)      Further, make sure to include a) in-text citations and b) a reference list for each question attempted

9)      Also, avoid using direct quotes from the textbook. Read the information, interpret the key ideas and use your own voice to paraphrase these key ideas.

10)     Additionally, you need to use Assessment task 4 template provided on Moodle.

11)    You can only submit one document. You can insert a diagram or picture in your answer if you wish.

12)    You have to submit your answers via Turnitin

13)    You have to submit WORD FORMAT ONLY. Submissions using the wrong format will not be mark and will incur a penalty. Illegible work will be give n a zero mark.

14)  Finally, you only need to answer 5 questions. If you have answered more than 5 questions, only the first 5 questions will be marked.


Q1:  Which of Porter’s generic strategies of competitive advantage has IKEA most effectively deployed? Explain the strategy and its deployment at IKEA in detail.

Q2:  What has IKEA done to improve the environmental sustainability of its product line? Also, relate your answer to a theory or theories studied in this subject.

Q3:  Referring to the integration-responsiveness framework (Bartlett and Ghoshal, 1989), which strategic position in this framework best matches IKEA’s approach in the international business environment? What are the benefits of this particular strategy?

Q4:  What are the advantages and disadvantages of global branding? Use IKEA’s case to illustrate these. 

Q5:  What mix of global and local sourcing does IKEA use and why.

Q6:  How has IKEA adapted its global strategies for specific local markets? What benefits accrue from this kind of adaptation?

Q7:  Explain one or more instances of IKEA having to modify its global marketing strategy to meet local conditions.

Q8:  Finally, to what extent does IKEA’s corporate culture reflect the national culture of its country of origin?

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