Who killed McGuffin philosophical character assessment

This is a paper that is focusing on the Who killed McGuffin philosophical character assessment. The paper also provides additional requirements for submission of the assignment paper.

Who killed McGuffin philosophical character assessment

Your term paper will be divided into 2 parts.
Part 1: (1-2 pages)
Who killed McGuffin?
You will write an ending to this story. You can end it anyway you like but it should involve you (the U of C philosophy student) figuring out who killed McGuffin. That is, your character will present/discover compelling evidence that x is the murderer. Have fun!
Part 2: (5-ish pages)
You will provided a philosophical assessment of the kind of evidence your character presents/discovers. This involves correctly identifying what kind of evidence is involved and then exploring the philosophical issues with respect to that type of evidence. You should not aim to say everything that can be said about an issue. Instead you should thoroughly explore an issue that you find interesting and come to some conclusion about it.
You should include some citations
·         Citing sources is a good way to demonstrate understanding of the material. It is also how scholars situate themselves in the larger conversation in which they are participating.
·         It does not matter how you format your citations as long as you are clear and consistent.
·         Don’t cite me (my lectures, my slides). I’m almost always explaining the work of someone else. You should figure out who I was talking about and cite them.
When to cite?
·         a good rule of thumb is to provide a citation any time you attribute a view to someone.
E.g. Socrates believes that erotic love can be ennobling insofar as it directs us to virtue. “[and here is a quote from Socrates to prove that he does in fact believe what I just said he believes”] Now I’m restating the quote in my own words and explaining how this view is related to whatever case I’m making.

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