Write a genre analysis about how The Medium (the school newspaper in the University of Toronto Mississauga) works in the University of Toronto Mississauga students’ discourse community.

Notes for the writer:

– Since I am in my second year of uni and I am a non-native English speaker, I don’t want my essay to be too professional. (just try to use more simple words, thank you so much!)

The discourse community I would like to write is students in University of Toronto Mississauga and the “piece of writing/document” that I chose is The Medium (the school newspaper in the University of Toronto Mississauga)
– For more information about the essay instruction, please view the pdf I posted below named genre analysis.
– The second pdf is the sample paper is from a student that from the previous year (my professor gave us) this may give you a sense of how my professor wants my paper to be. (the pdf named simple paper)

Here is the instruction of the essay:

– the word count is 1,000-1,200 words

– formatted following APA conventions

– the essay must have a References page with at least four sources in it (three secondary sources)

(I have uploaded some references may help my essay) 

– the essay should refers John Swales’s defination on genre

– the essay research should derive primarily from genre and writing studies research.

– this is a formal research essay with an introductory paragraph that contains a thesis, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

– Articulate what your document (The Medium, the school newspaper in the University of Toronto Mississauga) does/what function it serves in the community/how it accomplishes this (or not).

The Genre Analysis will have two interrelated components:

1. The first component is that you will choose a piece of writing that is part of the discourse community you selected. This will change for each discourse community, but each community usually has many different documents that help them conduct their business, be it internally or externally (menus, speeches, legislation, standardized emails, manuals/handbooks, association documents, etc.). Once you select your document, you must craft an analysis about that document that articulates how the document works for that discourse community.
2. The second component to this project is research. The research you conduct will help you to craft a robust analysis that links the document to the discourse community. Think: why does this writing sample work for/in this discourse community? You’re searching for the answer along with other sources, joining their conversations as you craft your analysis. You’re not just looking at the sources; you’re joining the conversation that already exists.
a. You must cite at least three scholarly sources, two of which must not be required or recommended readings for this class. 
b. You may find that including more sources than the minimum requirement is useful for your analysis, especially given how much research you will have done about your discourse community and the document already. If you want to include more to create a stronger analysis, please do so.
c. There may be scholarly sources about your document or about how your discourse community interacts. For many of you, though, your research will need to extend beyond this. Remember that you’re analyzing how a specific document is written. You will benefit from exploring literature in genre, rhetoric, and writing to support your ideas.

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