Writing Assignment

Please see attached and link videos and follow instructions for essay

The assignment asks you to deal with specific sources when answering or addressing the prompts. It carefully requests that you incorporate the sources into your responses to the prompts.  The assignment is not about what you think, but about how you became informed by the sources.  You are to show how the sources informed you in such a way that you are able to address the prompts.   The assignment allows you to conclude with what you think: that is the only time you can offer your opinion: at the end.  Please understand this.  If you submit something off the top of your head, then recognize that you are going to get an “off the top of your head” score.
You must use all of the sources in Unit 2 for this assignment.  You need to let all of the sources inform you.  You should have all of your notes on every single Unit 2 source in front of you as you tackle this assignment, especially the occupations of Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, and the three readings on the communities’ presence in the U.S.
Write a two to three page essay (500 to 750 words) that addresses the following prompts:
Compare and contrast the United States take over of Mexico, Cuba, and Puerto Rico in the 19th and early 20th Century?  Explain how Latinos (Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans) became part of the American social fabric by 1920.  What have you learned about their presence in the U.S.?
The word limits are just a guide.  Most often, if you don’t reach 500 words, your essay will reflect lack of interaction with the sources.  I will not penalize if you need beyond 750 words to express your understanding of the experiences of the three communities.  Submit the assignment in the link provided in the Writing Assignment folder.  Thanks.

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