You are the Film Critic

You are the Film Critic

For this module assignment, you are the critic. Choose a film to critique. (Try to choose a film you can view multiple times.)
In essay form, answer the following:
Name of the movie, director, and year it was produced. (Give a brief context of the director, and year this director created in.
Is the style used to create this film unique to the art form? (Remember, film is an art of choices; name and describe one or two interesting directorial choices in this movie. These could include use of montage or camera angles. Or, the choices could include use of music or use of POV shots.)
Do the characters have complex inner lives? (Name two of the leading characters, and describe their context, actions, and reactions.)
Are the actions on the screen relevant to the times? (What is the theme? Does the theme of this film speak to our era of time? How does this theme speak to this generation?)
Is the integrity of the audience respected? (Especially comment on the ending of this movie. Is it fitting? Does it make sense?)
Please write AT LEAST one paragraph for questions 2 – 4. Use good grammar and mechanics, and proper citation of sources. Do not use filler words such as “I think,” “In my opinion,” or “I feel.”
You do not have to follow the order of these questions in your essay. You will find more discourse on these questions at the back of our cinema chapter.

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