Youth Homelessness

As a professional, you will be called upon to present information for decision making. Based on your Capstone Project, prepare 5–6
PowerPoint slides (not including your title or reference page) that you would use to present the strategic plan you developed for
your Capstone Project. You are encouraged to use pictures when appropriate. You should either record and embed audio of you
presenting (no longer than 5 minutes) or provide text in the notes section of the PowerPoint.

The Assignment (5–6 slides):

  • Develop a short presentation of your strategic plan from your Capstone Project.
  • Include no more than 5 minutes of audio or text in the notes section of your PowerPoint.
For this point I want you to provide text in the notes section of the powerpoint. This powerpoint must be built off the strategic plan
that is attached to this work order.

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